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Are you a first time property investor looking to acquire your first investment property or perhaps a seasoned property investor looking to grow your portfolio?
For over 35 years, Today Homes has been a quality residential building company with a reputation built on trust. We’ve earned this by providing exceptional value and quality to home owners and investors alike, cementing our position as one of Canterbury’s premiere home builders. As property investment trends evolve, our extensive experience and sensible business approach ensures we deliver unbeatable value without compromising on quality. With Today Homes, you’re not just investing in an investment property; you’re partnering with an award-winning builder underpinned by thousands of satisfied New Zealanders for whom we have built over 2500 homes.
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What to look for in an investment property
Over the years, we’ve learnt exactly why a new home built with Today Homes makes a great investment property. Here are some of the key points we can help you look out for:
The appeal of new builds to potential tenants
A newly built investment property can be a major draw for potential tenants. Modern design, energy efficiency and the allure of being the first to live in a property can set your investment apart in a competitive rental market. Plus, your new home will come with a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee, ensuring peace of mind for both the landlord and tenant.
Reduced maintenance costs
One of the key advantages of investing in a newly built investment property is the minimal maintenance required in the early years. With everything brand new, from appliances to roofing, there’s a reduced risk of unexpected repair costs with most products coming with their own independent product warranties. This can translate to consistent rental income and fewer headaches for the property owner.
Maximising land value
By choosing to build a newly built investment property with Today Homes, you’re not only investing in a property but maximising the potential of the land, especially with a standalone property. Opting for a design that complements the site can enhance the overall property value. The flexibility in home designs ensures the best utilisation of space, further increasing your returns.
Energy efficiency and modern amenities
Today Homes‘ newly built investment properties are built to the most up to date Building Code standards with modern insulation and sustainable designs not only reducing power bills but also appealing to environmentally-conscious tenants. This can be a strong selling point, allowing for a premium rental rate.
Tailored to the target demographic
By building a new home as an investment property, you have the flexibility to tailor the property to the predominant tenant demographic of the area. Whether it’s a family-friendly design in a suburban setting or a chic modern home in a bustling urban area, Today Homes offers a variety of designs to cater to specific tenant needs.
Potential for capital appreciation
New builds investment properties, with their modern designs and updated amenities, often see a faster appreciation in value compared to older properties. As the area develops and your property ages gracefully, the potential for capital appreciation can be significant.
Warranty and post-build support
Investing in a Today Homes investment property means you’re not alone after the build is complete. With a robust Service and Warranty Program, any potential issues are addressed promptly, ensuring your investment remains in top shape for years to come. This continued support is invaluable for investors, offering peace of mind.
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